Our Story

Who are you?

We are a family connected company that has a passion for the well-being among our youth. Nellie, a 13 year old lady, is the owner of Forever Craze & hand selects the products we provide.

How long you have been in business?

Forever Craze is a relatively new company that began in early 2020. Even though we may be new, we are here to stay & stand up for the mental health and happiness of our customers.

Why you sell the items you sell?

We select products that are backed by scientific studies to improve or benefit the mental, emotional & physical well-being of all people. Forever Craze is designed with our young adults wellness at the focus. Every order is an opportunity to donate to a charity that also supports mental health in the younger generations. We believe all people matter & deserve some help every now and then. Your purchase is one step closer to reaching our goal of 25,000 lives changed in 2021.

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